My name is Tawny and I am the owner/writer of this little space on the web. Thank you for coming by and taking a look at my world. I wasn’t sure what to really say in my “About Me” section so I thought I’d section it off for now.


This blog is focused not only on my life but my journey to become healthy and fit both physically and emotionally. I have been a runner off and on all my life. I have completed two half marathons in recent years but I wasn’t in the best shape when I attempted both. My goal is to be much more fit for the next one in 2019 and I will be focusing on my training for that half marathon in months to come


I am a single mom to an awesome kiddo. Bug is my world and I’m definitely a very proud mama. You will see him featured in a lot of posts on this blog because he is a centered part of my life. You will also occasionally see his dad mentioned because I consider him one of my closest friends and our drama-free co-parenting relationship is what has made our son turn into the great kid that he is today!

Friends and Family

I have a close-knit community of friends in the bay area who I would consider family. My friends are very important to me and my life is so much better because of these awesome people I’ve had a part of it since moving here. Can’t be more thankful or blessed. I wouldn’t be who I am now without them. My family is centered in San Diego and the Carolinas and I completely include them in my posts as much as possible.  I am my mother’s daughter and definitely find myself to be so strong because of her. She is one of my top inspirations and the voice in my head.


After I turned 30 and was drowning in my 9-5 I decided it would be a great idea to finally pursue medicine as an actual career. I quit my 9-5 Office Manager job and was hired under a physician as a medical scribe. The rest is history I guess. I worked in medicine in my early 20s and slowly went into administrative work for financial reasons. However, I’ve always been really drawn to working in medicine. It’s in my family…my mother is an RN. My dad was a paramedic. I grew up around it. I think my dad’s death and my great grandparents aging and eventually passing away actually steered me more in this direction. I also have had my own health struggles and have always had a fascination with the human body and science. I am currently a CNA, Telemetry Tech, and ER Tech working crazy shifts but LOVING every moment of it. I am completing prerequisites to apply to medical school the year 2020! I have a blog dedicated to my journey as a non-traditional pre-med and hope to inspire those who are on that non-traditional path to pursue this dream.