Old El Paso Taco Bowls

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Hello Everyone,

I’m sorry it’s been so long. I’ve completed a move and started a new job. I also am now involved with theater. Just so much going on! I’m here now to show you one of our favorite recipes. Bug loves this meal when I make it. It’s super easy. It’s for anyone really. You can make it Vegan by choosing Vegan ingredients. My version is Vegetarian since my son is Vegetarian and not Vegan. But, all of the ingredients can be Veganized! Here is what you’ll need (or at least some version of it):

Something I love about this recipe is you can use less or more ingredients. It really depends on what you want in your taco bowl. Bug and I keep it easy peasy/simple pimple when it comes to making these. The crumbles are our favorite meat substitute and I like mine a little on the overdone side. I’m not a fan of soft or soggy crumbles! Who is? I’ve put the steps to this meal in a photo montage….ya ready!? …….here it is!…….

That’s it folks! I hope you get a chance to make these. The kiddos love them!

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