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Hello Everyone,

It feels so so good to be writing again. I am happy to be restarting this blog and am hopeful to meet some amazing people through my writing. I hope to inspire and show that no matter where you are in life you can follow your dreams and achieve good health.

My writing is going to be slightly scattered at the moment since I am in the process of relocating. I am looking forward to sharing my new home that I’ll be living in and the projects and experiences that come along with it.

I’ve had some really good dishes lately. One was an Agedashi Tofu dish in Petaluma at a Ramen Shop. I had this while killing time before my night shift. It was fried to perfection and the side sauce was so light.

I also recently had what has been called Peas on Toast but I am not referring it as Pea Chowder. I am totally doing a recipe post for you guys on this dish very soon!

I have been working very long hours in prep for coming trip to Charleston, SC to visit family and friends after being away for ten years. I miss home so much and especially the people. I’m happy to be relocating to Lake County in CA because parts of it resemble home to me…slower pace, small town feel, and friendly people.

Coffee has been a necessity lately but as I improve my nutrition I will need to find alternatives to certain things that I’m very accustomed too like coffee creamer and other small condiments.  As I’ve started to go through some major life changes with the move and jobs switching over I’ve had to take time for myself and take time to breathe and count when I feel some frustration building up. I’ve started to do what I do best and utilize a combination of sense of humor and relaxation techniques to deal with every day stress…

I’ve been splitting my time time between Oakland and Vacaville mostly. I tell ya starting my day off with these three guys saying hello/goodbye as I depart for the next errand/work thing really makes my day and gets me going with a huge smile. I don’t know their names but one of these days I’m hoping to run into their owner and find out more about them 🙂

I’ve been staying and working out of a friend’s house on some projects.  My cats are currently being cared for by an amazing relative so I’ve been deprived of their love and comfort. My friend Deven has had no problem letting me squeeze his two cats. Each has a distinct personality. Alistair makes the weirdest squeaky toy type of noise. Amo has what I call vampire teeth. They aren’t really cats to me. They are more like great danes stuck in cat bodies. Between the begging and dog tricks that’s all I see really.

I visited my favorite coffee spot in the bay area. The architecture at Journey Coffee in Vacaville is beautifully done and their mission to me is amazing. I come here for my favorite LAVENDER latte and homemade pop-tart. I totally want to learn how to veganize this thing! Did I mention the head baker’s name is Tawny?

Thursday 7/19 was a very productive day. I was up early and dressed in my best (well what I currently have on me packed away in a suitcase). Deven showed up early to pick me up and we headed to downtown Oakland for a meeting in an amazing space. Of course I spotted one of my favorite characters from my childhood. I’m a total 90s child and fan girl anytime I come across something that reminds me of my childhood. I won’t say  much more…the photo speaks volumes 🙂 Do you know who this is?

Aside from my hospital work I just joined an amazing company that to me literally saves lives. I will definitely touch up on it some more later but I love the community I’ve become a part of and the spaces we work out of are beautiful. This space known as 1528 had some great artwork and the natural light was perfect for my early morning work session.

Friday was a long amazing productive day. Deven and I headed up to Lake County and I met up with two awesome sauce people. Jen is a Beachbody coach and went through a major weight-loss journey recently and is still going strong. She talked to me more about Beachbody. I am familiar with Beachbody but it’s been a few years. She and I instantly clicked and I’m so happy to have a great support system up my way who knows what this journey is like. We then had dinner with Lexi who also lives up there and is an awesome teacher from Montana. Deven left dinner telling me she had a great energy about her and that I’m surrounding myself with all the right people as I make this big move.  We explored Calistoga for a bit to pass some traffic time. I had some LAVENDER ice cream from a great little shop downtown and found a book at the local bookstore. I also found the cutest casserole and bowl set that I intend to someday own…hence the photo as a reminder. There’s something about the little foxes and outdoorsyness of it that I just love. BTW I have decided that my new room will have an outdoor theme. Waking up in that setting every day will be perfect. I wish I had photos from the place we ate in Middletown and of course photos with these two awesome people. Deven and I realized long after we left that we wanted to do photos and forgot. More photos to come!

These two days in particular really felt like my new start to the new me. They were the oomph I’ve been waiting for and I spent them both with a dear friend who has been one of my best cheerleaders into this new journey of mine. I finished the day off with a movie with my Bugaroo and some goofin off time with him. I feel blessed, at peace, and happy. I am looking forward to sharing my life and my voice through this blog again. Thank you <3

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